How to Make Crystal Grids – Free Guide

Crystals grids are easy to make, immensely satisfying and extremely powerful.

For many years I have created crystals grids for special occasions such as auspicious meditations, healing for individuals and groups, environmental grids for specific places such as Sarajevo and to attract wealth and abundance.

As you are reading this you will probably already have a small collection of crystals that you can start creating grids with immediately. All you need is a central crystal for the middle and about 6 or 8 crystals to place around in a circle, they can be clear quartz or any mineral or crystal of your choice, or that you have to hand.

The most important thing in crystal grid making is your intention, setting the purpose of the grid to begin with and from there it is up to you, let your imagination run wild to create simple or elaborate crystal grids to your heart’s delight.


Read my guide How To Make Crystal Grids for further information and ideas which includes making:

Healing Crystal Grids
Reiki Crystal Grids
Tachyon Crystal Grids
Wealth Crystal Grids
Environmental Energy Crystal Grids

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Be well and please do let me know how you get on!

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