The Top 3 Reasons EFT is Not Working For You

EFT is an amazing self help technique that not only eliminates negative emotions and helps fears and phobias it is also an excellent tool to use for personal development and to facilitate change. It is invaluable to clear blocks to growth and to help clear addictions of all kinds. EFT can also be very helpful Continue reading

Reduce Stress with EFT Freedom Spells Protocol

Here is a lovely little protocol I created 10 years ago that reduces stress beautifully. If you’re familiar with EFT (and if you aren’t, please go here to check it out) you’ll know that creating the perfect opening statement is very important and is the key to clearing fears and phobias almost instantly. The problem Continue reading

Environmental Harmony with EFT

Environmental Energy covers the entire energy field of our immediate and not so immediate surroundings, be it living or working space. If you think of your house, your garden and your neighbourhood as a living functioning energy system with meridians and energy channels interacting between all aspects of the whole it is easy to see Continue reading